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The State of Qatar is experiencing a massive economic and industrial growth. This rapid growth is characterised by a rapid population increase and by the urgent need towards the development of both infrastructure projects and major transport projects. In order to handle this rate of development within Qatar, the Urban Planning and Development Authority (UPDA) in coordination with other authorities and institutions in Qatar, as the Public Works Authority (PWA - Ashghal), has commissioned consultancy services for the development of a comprehensive Transport Master Plan for Qatar (TMPQ) to PTV Planung Transport Verkehr. This national transport master plan will provide direction to the UPDA for the systematic approach in the implementation of transport infrastructure on the road network and also in the development of an adequate, modern and innovative Public Transport system, to accommodate the future needs and the future transport demand in the State of Qatar.

To ensure that a safe, integrated, demand responsive and sustainable land transport system is provided, there is an urgent need to understand the impacts of future development in the Greater Doha Area and in the State of Qatar. This strategic project will produce aims, objectives, policies and strategies for the future development of an integrated transport system, consisting of different modes and with strong relationships between the development of the transport system, the economic development, the land use development and the environmental impacts of these developments.

A strategic multimodal transport model will be developed using the software PTV VISION to analyse the current transport system, current transport conditions and to forecast future transport demand, future transport conditions and its impacts on land use, economy and the environment. The basis for the transport model are comprehensive empirical studies carried out in the first months of the project:

  • Household Interview Surveys (5,800 households; 80,000 trips reported)
  • Roadside Interview Surveys (20 sites; 28,700 interviews)
  • Automatic Traffic Counts (at 200 sites)
  • Turning Movement Counts (at 50 sites)
  • Travel Time Measurements (at 25 sites)
  • Manual Classification Counts (at 50 sites)
  • Pedestrian Surveys (at 25 sites)
  • Speed Surveys (at 25 sites)

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